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dublin carpet cleaning

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  • Carpet Cleaning Dublin

    There are different methods and techniques for cleaning carpets. Professional carpet cleaning companies will either will use wet or dry carpet cleaning technology. Each customer has their own preference but which one is best? With years of experience and expertise behind us and having tried and tested all the latest machinery and products we believe the method which we employ is by far the safest and most effective and heres why:-
    Our Method:-
    We use a hot water extraction cleaning system. This method uses equipment that sprays heated water with added cleaning chemicals on the carpet while simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt. Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method. The high waterlift technology is proven to be the best way to remove dirt and stains from your carpets without leaving any sticky residue. Regular carpet cleaning using this method can prolong the life of your carpets and keep them clean and fresh smelling.
    It is a common myth that Dry Carpet Cleaning is better than Steam Carpet Cleaning (wet) because it is dry. This myth comes from the unfortunate over-abundance of "bad" steam cleaners, bad being if the cleaner leaves the carpet extremely wet. It was obviously assumed that a better way to clean the carpet would be a dry method. But the best is a professional carpet cleaning company who adopt the steam (wet) cleaning method and remove the excess moisture and only leave the absorbed moisture the fiber picks up. Removing all excess moisture is one of the most important steps in the hot-water extraction cleaning process. Modern hot water extraction equipment, as used by us, is designed to do just that — remove all excess moisture and leave only what the carpet fiber itself will absorb.
    A professional carpet cleaning company will properly use this cleaning process which only penetrates to the base of the carpet fiber, and does not penetrate the carpet backing or the floor underneath.
    The hot water extration system as used by us will remove existing residues and leave your carpet or upholstery extremely clean and fresh. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, has a big tendancy to leave a lot of residue in the carpet. There is either no extraction, or very little extraction involved with dry cleaning so the soiling and cleaning residues remain in the carpet!!!
    The high waterlife technology used by us ensures the shortest drying time and excellent results.
    Our Products
    We use the PROCHEM brand of carpet cleaning products as in our opinion they are the safest and most effective. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, anti allergy and low odour products which are safe for kids, pets and asthmatics.
    Our Machines
    We keep up to date with all the latest equipment and technology and to ensure we offer the best possible service we invest in the best carpet cleaning machines. Our machines are top of the range and we have different sized machines to suit large and small carpetted areas, smaller machines for stairs, upholstery & sofas and residential properties and larger machines for commercial units with bigger carpetted areas. We have different brush fittings to ensure we can clean deep into the fibres of heavily soiled carpets if necessary.
    Spot cleaning
    Accidental spillages happen all the time and can be treated if you act fast. Most stains can be removed but you should be aware that there may be some stains that will be impossible to remove. Time is of the essence when dealing with stains. By taking the right steps as soon as possible after the stain appears you will increase your chances of completely removing the stain. We always recommend that if wine, juice, blood, vomit etc, is spilled on your carpet take a dry towel and try to remove as much as you can. The longer the stain is left on the carpet the more difficult it will be to remove. Stains can usually be removed if treated within 48 hours. After 2 days the acids from the spill will begin to damage the fibres of your carpets. So our advice, when a spill happens, dry it fast with a dry towel, pour some hot water on the stain and dry it one more time. If the stain is still there call a professional carpet cleaning company asap.
    ***do not use bleach while cleaning carpet cleaning spots and do not mix chemicals***
    Dust Mites - you may notice areas of your carpets starting to wear thin and some small patches of dark stains appearing on your carpets without any spillages having occurred. You may have carpet mites. Do not fret, our hot water extraction system coupled with the most effective cleaning products will rid your carpets of pesky mites. Having a well ventilated room will reduce the chance of getting carpet mites.
    Types of carpets - we have cleaned all types of carpet, thick and thin fabrics, cheap and expensive, large and small carpetted areas. They all need one thing - regular carpet cleaning. Any other type of floor needs regular cleaning. You would not leave your kitchen floor un washed for years but carpets are often neglected as the dirt can hide deep within the fibres and is not as clearly visible to the eye. We would recommend carpet cleaning at least once per year to remove all dirt, this will actually help prolong the life of your carpet and reduce the risk of dust related illnesses and allergies.
    Do it yourself carpet cleaning - we do not recommend this as cheap machinery combined with an inexperienced operator can leave your carpets saturated and could result in mold build up .A professional carpet cleaning machine can cost 6000€. These machines have very powerful motors and pumps which are essential to ensure the best possible results. A rented machine simply cannot compete with this so spend a little extra and have your carpet cleaned property. The pump and motor work to spray the cleaning products deep into the carpet and to extract the water from the carpet, a powerful motor and pump will ensure the products get deep into the carpet fibres and a powerful suction will extract 95% of the water from your carpet. This mean yours carpet will be almost dry before the carpet cleaning company leaves your property. Proper professional machinery and an experienced technician is essential.
    If you do decide to hire a machine and give it a go yourself please follow those steps:
    -do not use too much product
    -do not over spray water
    -do not move fast
    -unplug most of the electrical items in your home (the carpet cleaning machine takes alot of power and your electricity may trip)
    -do not try to fix the machine if it doesnt work
    -go over the carpet at least 5 times without the pump on,suction only
    -treat the stains with special chemicals and allow 20 min to work
    -put plastic covers on your chair/table/furniture legs
    -use warm water only. Not too hot as it could shrink your carpet or it could change the colour
    Carpet cleaning prices - we agree prices for carpet cleaning in advance so it is important that you provide as much accurate details as possible to ensure we give you the right price. A price is given based on the information provided by you, you should provide details of the size of the area to be cleaned and be honest about how dirty it is. You should also give details of the type and colour of the carpets. In some situations customers have given incorrect details about the size and condition of the carpets and it was necessary to increase the price as larger and dirtier carpets will obviously involve more work and therefore more cost for us. We do not like to renegotiate prices with customers on the day of the appointment so please be honest and give as much detail as possible when booking an appointment to avoid any surprises on the day. A small two seater sofa can cost 40€ if is just an standard sofa or it can cost 80€ if is a very expensive sofa as different products and techniques are required. With carpet cleaning a three bed house will cost around 140€ if the house is anything between 1000 to 1400 sq foot but if the house is 2000 sq foot then naturally the price will increase. Our usual prices are:
    1 bedroom - 30€
    2 bedrooms 60€
    3 bedrooms 90€
    4 bedrooms 120€
    1 livingroom 45€
    stairs & landing 45€
    Full price : 210€ Package deal 160€

    Pet treatment - carpet cleaning - if you have pets and you want to get rid of the cat/dog smells then please inform us when you are looking for an price. Pet carpet cleaning requires different tools and odour removing chemicals. If you want a proper carpet cleaning job done please inform us about any special requirements.
    Anti bacterial carpet cleaning - if you have had a sick vomitting child or pet or any type of virus (mrsa,flu etc) and deep carpet cleaning is required please contact us and we will be happy to advise you about special treatments for any type of contamination. We use only the most effective, non-toxic anti bacterial products.
    Anti - static carpet cleaning - static energy can build up in man made carpets during colder months due to increased use of central heating and less ventilation with windows closed, this can result in static shocks which can be a bit of an annoyance. We can clean your carpets and then apply an anti-static product which can treat the issue.
    Scotch guard - this type of carpet/sofa/upholstery protection is relatively new in ireland but has been used for years in America. Most people are not yet aware of its existence and the difference it can make when applied to your carpets. It is a product which we would recommend, especially for households with young children who tend to be the cause of the majority of carpet stains, such is the case in my house! After a carpet cleaning treatment Scotch Guard can be applied, at additional cost, but in our experience, it forms a protective barrier on your carpets and helps prevent future staining. It is expensive but can be a good idea in high traffic areas prone to staining.

    1800 848 700 1800 848 700
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